At Shishoo care , we make sure you do not miss a single vaccine as each one of them goes a long way in protecting your child’s well being. We ensure that you understand the value of each of the vaccines, its benefits through proper counselling when you visit us.
We would also send you a gentle reminder to plan your date and time conveniently from your busy schedule.
The mantra is simple: “Prevention is better than cure”

Breast feeding and lactation management

Breast feeding through natural instinct of the baby, is a learned art.
There are so many myths and confusion a new mother is surrounded with. A mother who has just undergone the birthing process, either normal or surgical, immediately comes under the pressure of lactation. Moreover in case of modern day nuclear families, a young mother is often alone with many unsolved queries. It can also have a strong impact on the emotional well being of hers, as she takes up the new but beautiful responsibility of being a mother.
The role of the lactation consultant is to give confidence, encourage and then teach the most accurate method of breast feeding.

Diet and Nutrition

“My kids do not want to eat vegetables , what can I do about this?” “My kids love only junk food” “ My kid is not gaining weight or alternatively he is growing overweight, what can I do about it?”
These are few of the frequently asked questions by mothers. Answer lies in disciplining not only the child , but also the lifestyle habits that we induct into the system for our younger ones.
Dr Hiral spends an extensive time with the parents to set the dietary and nutritional plan correctly. Counseling sessions for the first time parents for raising happy babies to be happy adults continues to be her foremost goal.

Did you know ?
20% of the children in India are overweight, studies show.
Source : Hindustan times : Give weight to obesity.

Another concern is that as high as 60%-70% of these kids may continue to be overweight or obese in adulthood. “ Parents need to distinguish between a healthy and a obese baby correctly”. More often than not , cuteness in the garb of a disease such as obesity can take over”. We need to be careful and can be carefree if we stick to a correct dietary and a nutritional plan.

Early intervention guidance for neonatal, infants and toddlers

Just borns, especially under weight babies, or and through IVFs, can show early symptoms of mental as well as physical anomalies. If detected early, they can be curbed or and cured. Parents at times live in denial and that can aggravate the problems and challenges further.
At Shishoo care, not only we help detect the early signs but also can suggest remedies, therapies which can help parents handle the challenges better. These therapies require expertise in Occupational and physical therapy, speech , clinical psychology amongst others.

Asthma and allergy clinic

Dr Hiral Naik, through her experience and learning in this field has attained expertise and certification on various methods to counter this over growing problem in kids.
It’s not only Delhi or Gurgram, we hear and read in the newspapers about being the most polluted city in the country, Ahmedabad is not very far behind either. Rising pollution levels in our city is also contributed by the dusty and dry nature of our city.
We at Shishoo care , can educate , help medicate and curb these challenges early.

Did You Know ?
World Asthma Day: India chokes, sales of medicines rise 43% in 4 years
Source : Hindustan times :April 28,2018.

Adolescent and teenage counseling: Broadly caters to the emotional & social well being

Early puberty, peer pressure, parental expectations, highly competitive environment, are all major challenges that kids face today. This puts a lot of undue pressure on both emotional and the social well being of the child as well as the parent. Behavioral changes which can be corrected, addressed and re valuated can really help both the child and the parent to lead a perfectly balanced life.
Dr Hiral, through her detailed counseling sessions, with the parent, with the child, both in groups and if required in one to one, caters to these challenges with a lot of emotional energy. The circle of trust helps the child to open up which sometimes they find it difficult to express otherwise.
Being a lady doctor also helps, as some sensitive topics, especially faced by teenage girls can be addressed more comfortably.

Did You Know ?
India has reportedly highest number of teenage suicides. Source: DNA : Student suicides: Is academic pressure sole reason?
Puberty : 80% of the urban girls hit puberty by the age of 11 . Source : Puberty much earlier

Affiliate services

1. Development assessment charts
2. Counseling sessions
3. Ear and Nose piercing through brand ear piercing technique, almost pain free.