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Started in the month of January 2000, Shishoo Care in its name and in its logo, symbolizes and captures the very essence of the services being offered here, both clinical as well as preventive child health services. Shishoo Care is one of the best OPD paediatric clinic in the city offering its services for over almost two decades.

Founded and started by our director Dr Hiral Naik , the clinic establishment has played a vital role in creating a positive difference in lives of children and has also enabled parents to successfully face the challenges of parenting. What’s significantly important and distinctively different here, is the concept of providing preventive healthcare services.

At Shishoo Care we cater to young patients for their physical illnesses through scientific and evidence based diagnostic and curative medical processes. Also, we cater to emotional and social well-being of both the child and the mother through various counselling sessions. Shishoo is a one stop place for holistic and comprehensive paediatric care.

Modern day parents face challenges at multiple levels. Nuclear families, work pressure, highly competitive environment, rising aspirations and expectations all causing significant stress and anxiety in young parents.

As for a child, peer pressure, exam pressure, early puberty, enuresis are modern day challenges which have only aggravated over a period of time.

Young parents have to constantly build their knowledge and skills themselves to protect young minds. Shishoo Care plays a proactive and very important role in imparting the right knowledge and resources for the same, making it a holistic paediatric care for parents. So be it neonates, or adolescents, all are welcome here. Shishoo Care is just the right place for you and your child when it comes to complete and comprehensive paediatric care.